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Bodyguard Vest

Armor, Armor_Crafted, Armor_Crafted_Chest, Chest, Gear, Loot updated


Attribute Value
Gear Set N/A
Equipment Slot Chest
Arche Type Offensive
Item Quality High end, Specialized, Standard, Superior, Worn
Item Level 1 - 5
Crafting Blueprints

Rolled Attributes

Attribute Group Weight Cost Min Quality Max Quality
Attribute Group Weight Cost Min Quality Max Quality
Armor Default_Armor 100 0.666 Gear Set (GearSet)
Health Major 100 0.08 Gear Set (GearSet)
NPCArmorDamageModifierBonus Major 100 2000 Superior (Purple) Gear Set (GearSet)
Skill Haste Major 100 1750 Gear Set (GearSet)
Health on Kill Major 100 3500 Specialized (Blue) Gear Set (GearSet)
Exotic Damage Resilience Major 100 1500 Specialized (Blue) Gear Set (GearSet)
All Resistance Major 100 3124 Gear Set (GearSet)
Ammo Capacity Minor 100 1000 Gear Set (GearSet)
Firearms Offensive 100 1 Gear Set (GearSet)
Stamina Defensive 100 1 Gear Set (GearSet)
Electronics Support 100 1 Gear Set (GearSet)

Rolled Gear Talents

The following table lists all of the possible talents that can randomly roll on this armor item.

Talent Weight Min Quality
Talent Weight Min Quality
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