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Integrated Performance Mod

Gear, Gear_Mod, Gear_Mod_Bonus, Loot updated
Attribute Value
Item Quality Superior
Item Level 16 - 20
Crafting Blueprints

Rolled Attributes

Attribute Group Weight Cost Min Quality
Attribute Group Weight Cost Min Quality
Mobile Cover damage resilience Skill 100 8000
Mobile Cover health Skill 100 4250
First Aid ally heal Skill 100 5250
First Aid self heal Skill 100 5250
Smart Cover damage resilience Skill 100 11000
Smart Cover duration Skill 100 6300
Pulse Critical Hit Chance Skill 100 16000
Pulse critical hit damage Skill 100 16000
Pulse duration Skill 100 6300
Ballistic Shield damage Skill 100 8000
Ballistic Shield damage resilience Skill 100 6300
Ballistic Shield health Skill 100 4250
Seeker Mine damage Skill 100 8000
Seeker Mine explosion radius Skill 100 4250
Sticky Bomb damage Skill 100 8000
Sticky Bomb explosion radius Skill 100 5250
Support Station healing speed Skill 100 6300
Support Station duration Skill 100 4250
Support Station range Skill 100 4250
Turret damage Skill 100 8000
Turret health Skill 100 4250
Turret duration Skill 100 4250
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