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The End is NY


Attribute Value
Mission Type U w assault operation
Relevant NPCs
Mission Level
Inside Dark Zone
Has a Normal Mode
Has a Hard Mode false
Has a Challenge Mode
Has a Heroic Mode
Has a Legendary Mode
Morale Reward None
Completion Cooldown 0


0 -

1 - (KillAll)

2 - (RetrieveQuestItem)

3 - (Reach)

4 - (KillAll)

5 - (RetrieveQuestItem)

6 - (Reach)

7 - (KillAll)

8 - (RetrieveQuestItem)

9 - (Reach)

10 - (AreaSearch)

11 -

12 - (KillAll)

13 - (Interact)

14 - (KillAll)

15 -

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