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Maximum In Game Currencies

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Maximum In Game Currencies

I wanted to bring you some new information from deep within the game that I discovered. A friend and I were discussing crafting supplies in Tom Clancy’s The Division, that you can destroy gear and collect supplies to craft new gear with. We wanted to find out if there is a maximum number of crafting supplies that you can carry at any given time. So, I did some digging.

While data mining for other information, I recalled stumbling accross the construct that the developers used to store how many crafting supplies of each type you have. They simply treat them as a currency. Meaning that behind the scenes, there are really MANY currencies, in fact there are a total of 70. There is a currency for each type of ammunition, one for each type of crafting material / quality combination, all consumables, etc. Oh yea, there are even currencies for the actual currencies like Credits, DZ Funds and the BOO Wings. I intend on adding information for all the currencies onto the site as time allows. So, with that said, here are the details on the maximum currency amounts allowed in the game.

  • For Credits & DZ Funds, you can have 1,000,000,000. I hope you don’t spend it all in one place and if anyone actually accrues that much of either currency without hacking the game, please send me a screenshot.
  • For Phoenix Credits, you will be able to have a maximum of 1000.
  • For crafting materials, you can have a maximum of 999 for any individual material. E.g. up to 999 of High End quality cloth AND up to 999 of Specialized quality cloth.

On a side note, since my last post, I have added Weapon Mods, Crafting Blueprints, Achievements, Missions and Weapon Skins. Expect Talents, Perks and weapon talents soon.

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