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Added armor & vanity items plus other improvements

armor items, crafting blueprint, vanity items updated
Added armor & vanity items plus other improvements

I released an update to the Divsion Field Guide database that added Armor Items & Vanity Items to the database, created links between all items and Crafting Blueprints, and numerous improvements to the user interface of the database.

Adding Armor Items & Vanity Items to the database was not a simple task due to how the game relies heavily on generated items, allowing for a high number of possible outcomes. In time, I will be adding more details about the possible attributes these generated items can have.

Also, I added links between items that can be crafted to their crafting blueprints as can be seen on Custom M870 Shotgun. This should make it easier when you are trying to determine the perfect build. In time, I will be linking items to loot drops from missions and bosses.

Finally, I upgraded the lists of items in the database beyond simple sortable tables to use the highly flexible DataTables jquery plugin. This plugin allows me to add many new features like client side pagination, full text search, dynamic column ordering, and more. It should improve user experience when browsing the larger item lists like Armor Items and Weapon Mod Items.

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