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No Kill Solo Survival Strategy Guide

Dark Zone, No Kill, PTS, Survival, 1.5 updated
No Kill Solo Survival Strategy Guide

Earlier today, I, DocHolliday324 completed Survival game mode solo without killing a single NPC with PVP disabled (PVE). I am going to share my strategy for how I accomplished this feat as well as end to end video capturing the entire round.

Survival Overview

The Survival game mode is a new game mode where you can enter Manhattan solo or with a team. You are transported to Manhattan with the goal of retrieving antiviral samples but things go poorly and you are left stranded, injured, cold and without your protective mask. Your objective is to scour Manhattan for supplies and gear, craft a new mask to enter the darkzone, find the antivirals and extract them out. It is a very different gameplay than previous game modes for The Division but it is quite enjoyable.

NoKill Strategy

After you play the Survival a few times, you realize that you can go pretty far without killing a single NPC, but sometimes it seems inevitable that you have to kill one otherwise suffer the ultimate fate.

Pulse skill

Get pulse ASAP. Since you are not going to be fighting, a stronger pulse is not necessary. This skill is necessary to be able to effectively navigate around NPCs.

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.


You need to not sprint when NPCs are around. It will put them in alert status and will start looking for potential enemies. Make use of cover to cover moves and crouched cover walking around objects in order to evade their attention.

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.


Since you won’t be getting loot from NPCs unless you beat another player to their own earned loot, you need to get to as many containers as possible.

PVE Fights

Use them to your advantage, when an NPC engages another player, sit back and watch, if possible, move in to the containers the NPCs were guarding while their attention is locked on to the player shooting at them.

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.

Weapon containers

Take em all even though you won’t use them because in order to be successful, you need other players to die.

Be Ready to Run

I essentially gained the attention of a roaming LMB squad and a Landmark squad of LMB when attempting to get the antivirals. I pretty much ran them around the block and was able to get what I needed from the Landmark.

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.

Player Loot Fountains

If a notification pops up on the screen that a player died to an NPC, it is now your highest priority to locate and be the first player to that loot.

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.

DBNO Players

When encountering players in DBNO state (Down But Not Out), I just didn’t have the heart to let them die so I saved them, of course only if it means I will not die in the process.


Only spend crafting resources on items that will protect you. This includes the following items:

  • Clothing items for warmth
  • Advanced protective masks (they give you the option to go deep into contaminated areas to avoid NPCs and other players if in PVP mode)
  • Additional MedKit slot
  • Stamina Gear Mods
  • Armor pieces (focus the ones that give you the largest immediate benefit for Armor first)

See an example in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.


Attributes to focus on when crafting new gear in order of priority:

  1. Armor
  2. Stamina
  3. Protection from elites
  4. Electronics
  5. Skill Power / Skill Haste

First Aid

This is the only other skill you need as it is critical to the final step, which is getting out of the DZ alive. Make sure you only get the First Aid with High End materials to ensure it is as strong as possible.


Every extraction will attract the attention of a Hunter NPC, a vicious and effective combatant who gives teams of four a run for their money. The extraction will not arrive until all threats have been eliminated which creates a problem for someone trying not to eliminate anything. This is when you need to be watchful of other players attempting an extraction. When they do, you need to be nearby and support them in their fight against the Hunter as it is your only chance.

Finally, make sure you occupy one of the four seats on the helicopter.

See an example of the final extraction in the Solo No Kill gameplay video.

Video Gameplay

Here is the 1 hour and 15 minute video gameplay of my successful no kill run:

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