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Underground Expansion, Dragon's Nest & the Dark Zone UPDATED

Dark Zone, Incursions, Underground DLC, update updated
Underground Expansion, Dragon's Nest & the Dark Zone UPDATED

Recently, Francesco of WCCF Tech wrote an article regarding content on this website that hints at what is coming with future updates to the game. The content in question is the Incursion (or strike), Dragon’s Nest and the Dark Zones 07-11. I am writing a follow up article to provide a little more insight into the origin of this data, what we know and what we can assume about TCTD’s next content update.

The first thing to address is that DivisionFieldGuide.com is not an official Ubisoft or Massive publication and in no way is it associated with either entity. DFG was created by the community, for the community, to help players find answers to questions that they have about the game. Much of the data and content on this website has been mined or documented from within the game.


GreenMan Gaming

The Microsoft and Ubisoft press releases have come and gone leaving us with a little more information than we had before. The new incursion with Underground DLC will be called Dragon’s Nest and it will feature face melting Cleaners. The release date is going to be June 28th, 2016 for XBOX & PC.

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Dragon’s Nest & New Dark Zones

It is not uncommon for developers to begin developing new features and release components of those new fetaures with a release without completely enabling the feature. This is where the data came from for Dragon’s Nest and Dark Zones 07-11. Massive had created placeholders for these future content items and included them with previous releases of the game’s client download. The data regarding Dragon’s Nest first appeared in the game archives with the Conflict or v1.2 update to the game. Dark Zones 07 through 11 actually appeared much earlier, possibly with the original release date for the game.

UPDATE 12/16/2016: DZs 7 through 11 have been removed from the game files

The Dark Zones have a codename assigned to each one which appear to be names of Massive employees, e.g. DZ-08 Hamish. User seb851 made the following image which he shared on reddit of what he believes to be the areas of NYC which will be expanded by these new zones.

Back in March, user CodeDux posted a album of images he took when he glitched out of bounds and traveled across the unfinished areas of NYC. He encountered many interesting sights, including a safe house and future Dark Zones.

Undeground DLC - Facts

  • First content update that requires purchase or the season pass
  • Will expand the map via the subways of NYC
  • Was originally expected to release in June 2016 but does not have an official release
  • Item level 33 items appeared briefly after the 1.2 update which was later identified as a glitch
  • Xbox One & PC players get the patch 30 days before everyone else… :(
  • Microsoft will be presenting the Underground DLC during the press conference June 13th, 2016 @ 12:30 EST

Underground DLC - Assumptions

  • Dragon’s Nest is likely the future name (or a placeholder name) for the next incursion CONFIRMED
  • Dragons imply fire, fire implies cleaners CONFIRMED
  • Underground will likely be version 1.3 of The Division
  • New dark zone/s will likely become accessible
  • Item level 33 items will be available as drops
  • Recommended Gear Score of 240 is likely not a placeholder
  • A release date of June 28th is rumored due to Amazon Germany’s release date CONFIRMED
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