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NPCs, Fireteams, Challenging Mode & LootCrate Gaming

LootCrate, NPCs, challenging mode, drones, fireteams updated
NPCs, Fireteams, Challenging Mode & LootCrate Gaming

Since the last time I posted about more Dark Zones, Massive held their special report about the Incursions update coming on April 12th. I think we should all be excited about this update (trading, gear sets, new missions and activities, and drones!) and should be thankful to Massive for their hard work. You can view screenshots and information about the new gear sets coming to the game.

Yesterday, I released content from the game archive files covering all the NPCs (including named bosses) and NPC Fireteams. I learned something about daily missions and the reset timer that I feel is important to share with you. Finally, LootCrate’s Gaming Crate is themed Metro this month and includes The Division among the list of games it is promoting. To celebrate this launch, I have decided to give away at least one, read on to learn how to win it.


Some interesting things about the NPC data, is that some of the NPCs are going to be introduced in the Incursions update which includes most of the NPCs that are grouped in the Fireteams of Last Man Battalian 2. Also, there is an NPC file specifically for drones. Also, if you have any feedback related to the fireteam data, just leave a comment on that page and I will review it to see if I can improve the accuracy of the data.

PSA: Daily missions & the reset timer

If you enter a daily mission BEFORE the reset countdown reaches zero and finish the mission AFTER it reaches zero, you will be rewarded the full daily mission reward AND you will still be able to complete the daily mission that was unlocked at the reset for the full reward.

LootCrate Gaming & Giveaway

If you have never heard of LootCrate’s Gaming Crate and you are a gamer, then you are in for a treat. LootCrate is a company that sends on monthly subscription packages that are inspired by video game loot drops. Each month comes with a different theme, e.g. this month is Metro and includes The Division.

Get $5 off your first month by using my referral link

To celebrate this LootCrate, I have decided to give away one of April’s Metro themed crate. To be eligible for this give away, simply follow Division Field Guide on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter AND post a comment below of what you love most about Tom Clancy’s The Division. I will select a winner exactly one week from today on April 12th, the release day of the games first DLC release, Incursions.


Next on the roadmap for Division Field Guide is:

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