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Missions, Named NPCs and LootCrate Winners

LootCrate, giveaway, missions, npcs, zones updated
Missions, Named NPCs and LootCrate Winners

Today I released an update to our database for missions and NPCs that included both cleanup and enhancements. I also organized all of the submissions to the LootCrate Gaming giveaway and selected winners. Read on to learn about the updates and see the winners.

Database updates

  • new missions that were released with the Incursions update
  • cleanup of some junk data due to a mistake in a previous import
  • linked missions to zones and npcs
  • new npcs that were released with the Incursions update
  • added named npcs, e.g. Animal who I believe can be found near the DZ03 extraction

LootCrate Giveaway Results

The LootCrate Gaming giveaway where you were asked to follow DFG on social media and comment on what you love about The Division, came to a close with yesterday’s daily reset. I am very pleased with the results, 102 entries in all and I decided to giveaway 2 of April’s Metro themed crate instead of the original 1.


I used just a few quick lines of the Go programming language to create a random number generator to select the winners. You can see the code in the screenshot above (click the image to toggle full screen). It selected the numbers 54 & 60, which means the 54th and 60th comments below are my winners. Again, thank you to all who participated and congrats to the winners. To arrange receipt of the crate, connect with me on The Division on Discord, DocHolliday324.

Why we love The Division

  1. Simply put: A RPG shooter that doesn’t takes you to some riddiculous future.
  2. Im originally from NY and am living in Arizona now, The Division is my “I miss NY” cure! It’s crazy how the team behind The Division nailed the feel of NYC. I LOVE this game, and it doesn’t hurt that this is a GREAT RPG too!
  3. Not your typical RPG or 3rd person shooter. Love the marriage between the both. First game I’ve been addicted to in eons.
  4. The division is MASSIVE
  5. My favorite part of The Division is the stress of the DZ. Without the harsh punishment of the lost experience and credits anyone can turn on you.
  6. My favorite part of The Division is meeting so many folks from the UK. Their insults are a step up from those here in the states!
  7. Surviving my first Manhunt status after accidently going rogue, then just accepting my fate and taking out anyone I could over and over again.
  8. Loot glorious loot
  9. Picking off the odd player mid farm run in the DZ :D
  10. Being outnumbered by a squad in the DZ and still beating their ass.
  11. I love this game’s Developers and their desire to listen to the community and make changes for the better. That and going rogue on people trying to hijack me or my friend’s extractions. Hop off dude :(
  12. Dark zone with the rush when you see someone else
  13. The immersion and attention to detail from the environment to the interactables to the players themselves.
  14. Going rogue is quite the rush. I loved the system even before the latest update! :)
  15. I love everything about the game. The mechanics, the cover system, the loot; its all awesome. I also like how hands-on Massive is being with updates and changes. It seems like they might actually give a damn about the player, what a unique idea!
  16. I love battling it out with rogues who decided to mess with the wrong crowd. It feels good putting down those bullies especially if they drop good gear!
  17. I have a blast with the Division. Dark Zone PVP is so much fun. Plus the environment is so well made.
  18. I like the atmosphere and story. I’ve wanted a post-apocalyptic modern shooter MMO for a while now and this fits the bill!
  19. I like how much this game makes me WANT to play it and to grind more DZ xp and materials. Me and my friends are still at lvl29 (holding out to get resources and also rank up in DZ, approx DZ rank 50-70 currently) and spend 6 hours a night in the DZ running around going rogue, chasing rogues, and clearing landmarks. I bought a Xbox One SPECIFICALLY for this game so I could play with my friends. I play with 2 “real life” friends, and 4-6 friends acquired along the way while playing and interacting in the dark zone. Most of us started off as enemies killing each other, but then joined up to have more fun working together! Having your own group of friends you regularly play with gives a great sense of community. We can’t wait to get closer to DZ rank 90-99 and finally level up to lvl 30 and get High End gear.
  20. My favorite part of the game is the Dark Zone, but more specifically it is hunting rougues for their loot. Got a midas off a rogue the other day.
  21. I love the random encounters with strangers and for the first time in a Long while I have been able to communicate with others because they aren’t in party chat. It definitely reminds me of the good old days where there was no party system and people would all talk. The division hit the nail on the head with implementing local chat and the tension of being killed by other players.
  22. I guess I like the dark zone the most and going rogue/entering a manhunt.
  23. The environment Massive has created is beautiful to look at and travel through. A Cover Based MMORPG with such potential. The DZ (PVP) zone tension when populated is awesome.
  24. I love the openworld freeroam aspect and the teamwork from random people in challenge runs
  25. Love getting into massive PvE firefights in DZ, running out of ammo, and coming out on top!
  26. I love the MANHUNT mode of rogue, a full server of Agents chasing a group around the Darkzone is just an amazing thing to see
  27. I love being able to use a riot shield and make people respect ma authoritah.
  28. What I like most about the Division is the encounters with other players in the Dark Zone. If they aren’t in party chat, you can hear them deciding if they are going rogue or not, how well outfitted the player is and what DZ level, or if they have loot worth killing them for and possibly losing it to other players willing to hunt you down after you’ve gone rogue are the questions I ask myself before going rogue. Starting a group to hunt down rogues is always exciting for a PvP experience.
  29. Killing indiscriminately in the DZ
  30. What I like most about the Division is the unpredictable nature of the Dark Zone. Not knowing if that player down the street is there to help me or is out for my blood makes for exhilarating gameplay. And of course, not knowing whether I will help a player or try to cause his demise makes for a great experience!
  31. The darkzone definitely! The adrenaline kicks in everytime I’ve gone rogue. The feeling of having to survive is incredible in this game! On another note, thanks for the opportunity with the loot crate!
  32. Different weapons.
  33. The game is fantastically challenging, thus all the more rewarding when you succeed!
  34. I love the dark zone. The rush of PvP in the DZ is the best part of the game.
  35. I love the game play. My first FPS/MMO. Have always just done regular Fantasy MMO’s. This gives me a chance to combine 2 types of games I enjoy into one. And I can craft stuff. Really a lot of fun all around. Time to get back in and burn some stuff!
  36. Honestly looking forward to seeing how they keep the game alive. gear sets have my interest along with new BPs
  37. I love that you have to actually have some skill and tactics to finish a challenge mode not just run and gun.
  38. The Dark Zone made me feel invested in gaming again. Truly awesome - I feel like I have something to lose. Helps with immersion!
  39. Nothing gets my heart racing more than rogues in the DZ. Wether I am hunting rogues or going rogue myself, I instantly get hyped. Hands down it is the most exhilarating gaming I’ve had since I was younger.
  40. Playing with friends in the Dark Zone is my favorite part of the game… fo sho..
  41. The best thing I love about The Division is playing with a friend or two and taking down some high level enemies.
  42. The Dark Zone for me is the best part of the game, between a group of people, solo, rogue or playing it straight, it is simply the best experience in the game.
  43. I do really enjoy the team play and just going in the DZ with a group of friends.
  44. Crafting is (or will be, lets see how the next patch goes) in the Division. I don’t do box-opening simulator, I just run Lex or Lincoln tun on challenging for items. Very easy.
  45. What i love most about The Division is the implementation of an actual reward based pvp zone. Giving me the chance to do something different instead of hours of grinding mobs is the thing that makes me come back every day.
  46. The best part of the game for me is the atmosphere. Running through contaminated areas dodging sociopaths with flamethrower trying to burn away the contagion, or looters trying to defend their territory on rooftops, or clearing subway tunnels to rescue captured civilians. And of course occasionally looking up to see you’re surrounded by skyscrapers on every side. Really loving the feel of the game overall.
  47. I like the drop in/drop out coop. makes it easy to play with friends.
  48. I love the intense excitement you get when you play with your friends and they help kill off the rogue group while you extract 2 HE’s. That and how my one sticky bomb can take out a whole group of players.
  49. I guess the real question would be, what’s not to love about The Division? Sure, they’re many aspects that could be an annoyance or frustration to a player but if you move past all the negative and look at the positive. This game, is just an experience that makes you feel part of NYC because of it’s beautiful appearance you walk the city of NY and just gaze at it’s immense buildings.
  50. Games like these are great with friends, because you can group together go into the Dark Zone and role-play as those vigilantes helping the innocent Batman style or be a true Rogue villain Joker style, just wanting to see the world burn; for what you may ask? For fun. Every aspect of this game has been a true gift from Ubi Massive, again, they’re the negatives but let’s not focus on the negatives. Let’s look at The Division with a glass half full mentality and hope for the best in it’s future endeavors; with all of the shenanigans that you’ll get into in the Dark Zone, or getting blasted in the face with a Shotgun from Hell – Enjoy The Division for all it’s glory. Dark Zone is love, but Dark Zone is also… a way of life or a way of death.
  51. My favorite part about The Division is running the entire server in DZ from DZ1 to DZ6 as Rogue level 5s
  52. I love The Division because I get to play with friends who moved away a few years back, now I speak to them everyday in a fun, engaging environment! These past few weeks have been the most fun my friends and I have had in a long time, Thanks Ubisoft!
  53. I enjoy crafting. Crafting is the best way to gear up your character… uh… was. Was the best way to gear up.
  54. I enjoy the dark zone and PVP especially…the city is beautiful and honestly the grind is fun until you get to dtech. Great game
  55. Honestly the best part of this game is going rogue in the DZ!
  56. I enjoy grouping up with my friends and clearing the lower DZ of rogues! If the high levels are going to grief rogue then some other high levels should be there to try and stop them.
  57. For me it’s how imesservive the game is. I remember playing the beta for the first time and running away rouge for the first time. Now with the real game out I still feel the exact same. The thrill of the chase across an abandoned New York is why I love the game!
  58. My favorite part of the game is the way it makes me feel. Whenever I am playing The Div, I always find myself thinking about how it would feel to actually be an agent, or even a civ in this world. The constant apprehension to everything and the nagging fear of “will I survive the next hour, let alone the next day.” I’ve also read the companion novel which is like putting the already incredible lore on steroids. God I love this game.
  59. Probably my favourite aspect of the game is the combat. It’s blindingly obvious it’s not realistic but it’s fun as all hell, much the same as it was in Borderlands. Oh and the quick coop, that’s pretty sweet too.
  60. I love just getting on and exploring the city. So much cool stuff to see.
  61. I love the controls in the Division. They are easy and intuitive and I can switch between controller and kb+m without any trouble. This is the first game in a long time that I haven’t felt the need to go in and customize all of my controls.
  62. I love the teamwork aspect as well as the constant changing of my build trying to make it better. Gives me a reason to keep coming back. Also the anticipation of a HE drop as the named boss gets killed along with the immediate letdown when that purple light to the sky shows up. The DZ has gotten my heart rate up more than any game in a long time. Running through the DZ with a high end item in your bag is as stressful as it gets!
  63. I love breezing through Challenge Missions with a really good and coordinated team. So much fun!
  64. Awesome. I love the ui and screen data formatting how it feels like it’s part of the world instead of plastered on the screen
  65. I enjoy how teamwork is required in order to get the most out of the game.
  66. Awesome :D I love the building and visuals of the game!
  67. I love the setting and the ability to improve my character with everything I do.
  68. Themat the endgame tactics don’t mess around. Elite shotgunners seem impossible to groups that don’t communicate but they’re a piece of cake if you just time your crowd control.
  69. I love the fact that the game is so immersive. I cant stopbthinking of new ways to play and build!
  70. Love the visuals; the world is gorgeous
  71. I just love the gunplay and the “spongieness” I like the tactical aspect of it and that positioning can make your life so much easier. I love to explore this huge city and find a lot of rewarding details. Im not in it for the end game as Im running solo most of the time, but I hope I can have a look at the incursions once they are a bit more “tameable” in a PUG or a Group of other more Casual players.
  72. I like running around seeing NYC for the dirty, trash filled mess I always imagined it was, complete with people trying to kill you and areas of the city where its just not safe without some protective gear. :D
  73. As a New Yorker I love how believable the city and lore is. If something like this would occur for real I would have a pretty good idea of what to expect.
  74. I love everything about the division. the gameplay is what I was hoping it was going to be. I love twitch shooters like Call of Duty and I love battlefield but The Division I had noticed a couple years ago and have followed the development and hoped it would be what it was promising. I played the alpha and both betas. the game has developed into one of my most favorite titles. it is still in flux and changing. it changes every patch for the better and makes it more fun. is it frustrating ? yes. is there a lot of exploiting and overpowered players ? yes but the game itself is still fun. it is immersive and at times you can smell the smoke and feel like you are there. the bullets flying past your head. the visuals grab you and pull you into the world and the characters hold you there. the PVE is fun and slowly the PVP is figuring out what it is going to be. I totally recommend this game and I plan on spending a lot of time in the world. Keep it up Massive you guys have a hit on your hands and I look forward tow what you can add moving forward. **** and I have to commend the developers for listening , they have been the fastest at fixing things compared to other companies ( bungie ) are there still issues ? yes but I think they will be dealt with. the game has not been out long and already it is morphing and becoming better.
  75. The one thing I love most about The Division is the fact that I don’t have to grind for months to get some decent gear. Wait…
  76. What I love most about The Division is playing with my friends, whether we’re rolling in the DZ or running challenges.
  77. We’ve all been there… Running past someone in DZ, turning around to check if that person turns around, seeing them do it. Did they do it out of the same reason you did, or did they do it because they’re going to rogue you. The paranoia in DZ is ruining me and I freaking love it. That’s what I love most about The Division.
  78. The thing I love the most is the setting and atmosphere of the game, New York has been brilliantly recreated by Massive and the game looks beautiful
  79. What i love most about the Division is the large diversity of builds available, you dont just need to run and gun, you can run electronics builds and throw turrets all over the place, or hide back and heal the team, and the dark zone <3 god it feels so good to be so bad sometimes.
  80. The thing I love most about the division is challenge mode missions
  81. The thing I love most about the division is killing rogues in the DZ
  82. What I love most about The Division is the tactical gameplay, it fits my gamestyle.
  83. I love the Detail on everything most about the divison, like the art and all the objects in the buildings and outside that makes the world feel more immersive.
  84. My favorite part about The Division is the whiteout snow storms at night. I can be running around and literally run in to a reverse fireman. The game makes you feel like you’re there.
  85. My favorite part about The Division is running the entire server in DZ from DZ1 to DZ6 as Rogue level 5s
  86. Chasing Rogues down and then getting myself pwnd…
  87. My favorite part of the game is the detail put into the game, the story and where it can go, and the sweet golden Ray that drops and of course the fear of extracting when being chased by rouges.
  88. I love the amount of back story and depth that’s in the game, from the echos to phone logs to intel. It’s such a fleshed out world, and that adds to the core story.
  89. I love the uncertainty in the DZ, every encounter with other agents is a game of chance.
  90. I love how realistic the game map is, and of course killing the rogues.
  91. I just love Co op looter games, and it feels more satisfying to complete the missions here than it did on destiny. Hoping the same thing for raids.
  92. I love being able to go through challenging adventures with my friends in the DZ, around any corner our efforts can be squashed do to crafty rogue or sometimes we lurk the DZ to dish some vigilante justice clearing the area of rogues as they pop up :D
  93. I love the DZ!!! Its a relief from the grind in my opinion.
  94. My favorite thing is getting jumped by rogues and having it end badly for them
  95. I really enjoy the experience of either going rogue or fending off a rouge in the DZ. Every time it happens, my heart is always intensely racing when the fighting is over.
  96. The environment. From concert posters, to graffiti to the weather, it is the greatest ambiance I have ever got to experience in a game.
  97. I love the game play. My first FPS/MMO. Have always just done regular Fantasy MMO’s. This gives me a chance to combine 2 types of games I enjoy into one. And I can craft stuff. Really a lot of fun all around. Time to get back in and burn some stuff!
  98. I liked how fast you could level, but I am hating the adrenaline rush everytime I go into the DZ now! lol
  99. I like the RPG style gameplay. I’m excited to see the game evolve into more classes and roles. Can’t wait for incursions.
  100. I love the cover system and the feeling you get when you’re trying to fend off against players when you’re rouge.
  101. I favor the immersive setting that Massive came up with.
  102. The fact that you can almost feel the heartbeat of the city-scape, great ambiance and a wealth of detail. The game also reminds me of Freedom Fighters which was another game I loved a lot. Good guide by the way, thanks for all of your work!
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