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AR60 Extended Magazine

Attribute Value
Bonus Attribute Increased ammo capacity
Weapon Mod Sockets Magazine socket
Item Quality High end, Specialized, Standard, Superior, Worn
Item Level 22+
Crafting Blueprints NONE

Default Attribute

Amount of bonus is based on the quality of the AR60 Extended Magazine mod.

Attribute Worn (Grey) Standard (Green) Specialized (Blue) Superior (Purple) High-End (Orange)
Magazine Size 20% 25% 30% 30% 30%

Possible Gear Scores

Level Standard Specialized Superior High-End
30 38 89 131 163
31 43 100 147 182
32 48 112 165 204
33 54 125 184 229
34 60 140 207 256

Rolled Attributes

Attribute Weight Cost
WeaponCriticalHitChanceFlatBonus 100 3440
Magazine Size 100 10000
Reload Speed 100 5000
Critical Hit Damage 100 13750
Rate of Fire 100 5600

Compatible Weapons

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