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Damascus (M9)

Exotic, M9_Damascus updated
Damascus (M9)


Attribute Value
Weapon Group Pistol
Item Quality High-End
Item Level 30+
Guaranteed Talent/s
  • Harmful
    Each hit has a {0}% chance to apply the Bleed status effect to the target
  • Restored
    Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative status effects from you
  • Expert
    When the target is below 30% health, your weapon deals 100% more damage
Weapon Mod Sockets Small Caliber Muzzle Socket
Base Weapon Damage 135
Optimal Range 16 meters
Long Range 50 meters
Maximum Range 75 meters
Clip / Mag Size 15
Fire Rate (RPM) 450
Reload Time (ms) 1600 ms
Spread Factor Range 1.5 - 2.5
Level Requirement 1
Crafting Blueprints
Wikipedia Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_M9

Rolled Attributes

Attribute MinValue
Increased Threat

Possible Gear Scores

Level High-End
30 163
31 182
32 204
33 229
34 256

Compatible Weapon Mods


Stats Calculator


Weapon Base Max: n/a

Dmg From Firearms: n/a

Optimal Range Min: n/a

Optimal Range Max: n/a


None available.
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