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High-End Crafting Assignment Cache

Bundle_Daily_Assignment_Crafting updated

Attribute Value
Item Quality Orange

Loot Sources

Below is a list of how you can acquire High-End Crafting Assignment Cache. Based on the loot tables, you can acquire items from NPC drops, Mission rewards or from Vendors.

The context field is used to try and provide a little extra context, like DZ bracket or the difficulty mode of a mission or incursion.

Source Source Type Context
Source Source Type Context

Loot Table

Loot tables in The Division are configuration files that determine the possible loot that can be received when completing missions / assignments, killing enemies, opening containers and vendor inventory (resets based on restock interval).

They are broken up into groups with each group having a chance (default is 100%) that an item will be rewarded within that group. Within groups can be sets of items with a Drop Weight, which is determines the likelihood that the item set will be selected as the reward for the group. To determine the actual drop percentage, you take the drop weight for an item set and divide it by the total drop weight for all item sets in the group.

Guaranteed Drop

Drop 1: Common Pool I

  • Chance item drops from group: 100%
Item Type
Drop Weight
(Chance %)
Possible Drops
95 (7%)
95 (7%)
Marksman Rifle
95 (7%)
Assault Rifle
95 (7%)
95 (7%)
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Backpack
Generated Backpack
Generated Firearms Backpack
Generated Electronics Backpack
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Vest
Generated Vest
Generated Firearms Vest
Generated Electronics Vest
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Holster
Generated Holster
Generated Firearms Holster
Generated Electronics Holster
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Kneepads
Generated Kneepads
Generated Firearms Kneepads
Generated Electronics Kneepads
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Gloves
Generated Gloves
Generated Gloves
Generated Gloves
Generated Firearms Gloves
Generated Electronics Gloves
100 (7%)
Generated Stamina Mask
Generated Mask
Generated Firearms Mask
Generated Electronics Mask
Gear Set
280 (20%)

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